Mercado da Madeira

The concept of nature is very strong in Mercado da Madeira’s image. The natural and unique style that characterizes our products shares the vision of José Luís Madeiras – to make wood both present and valued by society.


The brand was established in January 2019 as part of the recognition of a growing demand for natural materials both for use in public and private spaces. Its parent company (José Luis Madeiras), with more than 25 years of activity, is in the market as a trader of solid woods. This sustainable background allows us to provide a more efficient and effective response to customers.

 The wood pieces are entirely Portuguese although the raw materials come not only from European countries but also from the USA and Africa. Most of the wood comes from PEFC (programme for the endorsement of forest certification) certified forests.

 It is our concern that the wood is carefully selected in the forest, considering its sustainability, in order to bring to the public, the taste and respect for nature.

The production is made in Paços de Ferreira using traditional methods of carpentry and furniture manufacture.

Being a brand belonging to the José Luís Madeiras group (importer and trader of wood), Mercado da Madeira is distinguished by the variety of qualities of wood available (kambala, oak, walnut, acacia, ash, douglas, chestnut, among others) as well as the possibility of cutting to size and unusual dimensions given its size. It also distinguishes itself in terms of promptness and delivery, as well as customization in finishings.

It is addressed to a wide market that covers both the private individual and the hotel business (for example). This is a trend. However, due to its resistance, original and organic diversity, the consumers of this product are keen on quality.

This is a kind of product easy to combine with multiple styles, thus being easily adaptable to any environment

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